So excited to be in Rome! to book with me please email nyahzul@gmail.com

  • Guest Spot in Essen, Germany August 27-30th, 2022

    Guest Spot in Essen, Germany August 27-30th, 2022

    I will be doing a guest spot at Art Faktors Tattoostudio Essen at the end of August! Looking forward to being in Essen, to book please email me at nyahzul@gmail.com 😍

    IG @artfaktors

  • SHOUTOUTLA! interview

    SHOUTOUTLA! interview

    Thank you to ShoutoutLA! For this interview. Hope you guys enjoy 😘♥️



    Florida so excited to be coming your way! First up Orlando, Oh! how I’ve missed you! Ill be tattooing @theeasttattoo 5/16 and 5/20 and @goldentarotinkclub 5/17-18 can’t wait to see your faces and give you some battle marks!
    Miami I’ll be tattooing at Oriana Tattoo Studio 5/23-25
    Custom designs and flash pieces available
    to book please email me at nyahzul@gmail.com it’s easier for me to keep track.
    Thank you and see y’all soon!

  • Villain Arts Tattoo Arts Festival

    Villain Arts Tattoo Arts Festival

    I'll be in Philly for the Villain Arts Tattoo convention! I'll be tattooing Sat and Sun. If you'd like to book, send me an email at nyahzul@gmail.com
    See you soon!


  • White Rabbit Tattoo Studio

    White Rabbit Tattoo Studio

    Happy to announce that I have joined the White Rabbit Tattoo Studio as a resident artist. I am working there on Tuesdays and Sundays!!

  • Yomicoart Studio

    Yomicoart Studio

    So proud to be a Resident Tattoo Artist at Yomicoart Studio in Brooklyn, NY
    For tattoo appointments please email me at nyahzul@gmail.com


  • New Tattoo Designs Available

    New Tattoo Designs Available

    Now booking for fall 2020, I have many designs available that you can view on my Instagram account @nyahzul or shoot me an email and I will be happy to send you the available designs. I can also make custom work.
    Let's adorn your skin!!

  • Indelible Marks

    Indelible Marks

    Indelible Marks, a collection of original works by career tattoo artists

    Aaron Unser, Emma Blue, Fan, Hannah Willison, Jasmine Worth, Jezz-lee Wood, Joaquin Motor, Julianna Menna, Lauren Goldstein, Meagan Bohrer, Nyahzul C. Blanco, Steve Franciosa, Terry Ribera, Toki, Sy Gov, & Zoë Brookes.


    ​For additional images, information, or purchase inquiries please email: gallery@gristletattoo.com



    This piece is part of a series of illustrations that artist Steven Bradshaw and myself have been working on for The Crossing Choir. It's been wonderful working on these pieces, you can view more and also listen to their beautiful music at |www.crossingshoir.org

    Introducing a massive project I’ve been working on with the amazing and wonderful @nyahzul and @thecrossingchoir : A new series of pieces entitled STATELESS: Our theme centers around a David Lang composition based on a letter from a well-known rabbi exiled from Barcelona to Jerusalem during the 13th century. He writes of a time where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in (relative) harmony and made great societal strides together on the Iberian Peninsula. This series is an attempt to tell our modern story through the 2D Iberian painting style of the time. Visit www.crossingchoir.org to see more of the series and WHAT WE HOPE will be our 2020/2021 season

  • Artists/Work Group Exhibition

    Artists/Work Group Exhibition

    Participant artists: Pap Kebe, Izar Lunacek, Nutthawut Siridejchai, Gaspar Marquez, Amaia Marzabal, Niege Borges, Hera Haesoo Kim, Joseph Chun, So Young Cho, Rosalia Chococake, Max Kazarin, Till Lauer, Penny Chu, Naoshi Sunaee, Caroline Voagen Nelson, Sahar Ghanbari, Stephen Dirkes, Aline Decat, Sarah Esgt, Eliza Hatch (Cheer Up Luv), Elham Atayi Azar, Serge Cashman, Nyahzul, Tal Schpantzer, Miki Katagiri, Heike Buelau, Ana Maria Camejo, Miguel A Rueda-Gonzalez, and Robert Palumbo.

  • We Are Connected Group Show

    We Are Connected Group Show

    Vancouver so excited to be in you soon and to be part of the "We Are connected Group Show"
    I will have some art pieces in this show and will be doing flash tattoos. Can't wait to see your faces and adorn your skins!



    SOMETHING WICKED! Opening Friday Oct 19th, 2018 at Revolution Gallery — with Maria Pabico LaRotonda, Scott Kirschner Art, Greg Kuppinger, Diaz Martin Daniel, Nyahzul C Blanco, Nick Pedersen Art+Design, Craig LaRotonda, Craig LaRotonda and April Solomon Illustrations.

  • We ART Colombia Collective Group Exhibition

    We ART Colombia Collective Group Exhibition

    We ART Colombia Collective Group Exhibition!! Opening Thursday, 10/25, 2018
    6PM at the Colombia Consulate 10 E 46th St New York, NY

  • De Domo Diaboli

    De Domo Diaboli

    Opening October 30, 2017 6 - 8 pm and continuing through November 4 at The Living Gallery Outpost 246 East 4th Street EAST VILAGE NYC

    Stephen Romano Gallery presents "DE DOMO DIABOLI" ”The Devil’s House” - title courtesy of Barry William Hale. Full details coming soon!

    Image: William Mortensen "Fay Wray with Masks" circa 1925 . Private Collection, Brooklyn

  • BLAM Gallery Group Exhibition

    "MATERIA PRIMA" curated by Stephen Romano


    November 4, 2016 - November 27, 2016

    Opening Reception November 4, 2016 (5-9pm)

    featuring contemporary and historical works of

    Alexis Karl, Sarah Zar, Hanna Jaeun, Nyahzul Blanco, Barry William Hale, Delarosa De La Cruz, Allessandro Siclordr, Linnea Strid
    Colin Christian, Lena Viddo, Gigi Chen, Erin O’Shea, Sam Gliner, Damien Michaels, Matthew Dutton, Cendrine Ravoni, Ken Weaver
    Jel Ena, Teiji Hayama, John D. Monteith, Ray Robinson, P54, Jaya Su Su, Erna KD, Charlotte Rodgers, Steven Baines, Lukasz Grochocki
    Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Inge Vandormael, Cecilia Avendaño Bobillier, Travis Lawrence, Judith Vergara García, William Blayney
    AW Sommers., Brian Sparrow, William Mortensen, Francesca Lith Nardi, A. Fiorello, Lori Field, Charles Dellschau, Jacob Bohme, Darcilio Lima...

    BLAM is pleased to announce the exhibition "MATERIA PRIMA", curated by Stephen Romano. The exhibition is a mixture of leading contemporary artists, folk art, vernacular photography, esoteric ephemera, outsider art and unexpected images and objects.

    "MATERIA PRIMA" is based on the theme of diverse magical practices, challenging the notion that all magic is necessarily dark in nature.

    Curator Stephen Romano says,“The exhibition is an articulation of the esoteric nature of the artist as shaman, a producer of art works that serve as social healing devices, to make well again our collective consciousness. To re-inject the forces of hope, optimism and belief of magic into our declining culture. The true artist…the art they make, is a primary experience in and of itself. The creation is an act of magic, a conjuring or a protective spell. It is where the artist makes a stand: socially, politically and spiritually.

    We live in this universe that has no known boundary, the concept of the scale of spatial infinity is one that is impossible to comprehend, and equally we live for a very brief time, in a very microcosmic space. Given that realization, what is purpose? In my experience, which is what I try to articulate as a curator, what sustains us is the need for self-actualization, the perpetuation of the metaphysical, and contact with the higher order.

    This is achieved through culture, in what Teilhard de Chardin would call a ‘biophilic’ experience as opposed to say, looking at something that would dumb down our perceptual senses, a ‘necrophilic’ moment; one that perpetuates the death of the psyche. Great art is an enrichment, and one that ought to be a shared social experience."

    When asked about the extreme and esoteric nature of the works in the exhibtion, Stephen Romano responded "We live in extremely times, the art of our time should be an extention and reflection of those extremes"

    Stephen Romano has been a prominent Brooklyn gallerist and private art dealer over the past few years, curating exhibitions at his eponymous galleries in Dumbo and Bushwick featuring the works of well known artists such as photographer William Mortensen, Charles Dellschau, Colin Christian, Rithika Merchant, Jel Ena, Matthew Dutton and David Molesky. He has also held ambitious group exhibitions such as "Mysterium Cosmographicum", "In Missa Interfectionis", Infernum", "Heirogliphica", "Saint Bowie" and the blockbuster "Opus Hypnagogia" at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn. Stephen presented outside curated exhibitions such as "Destinesia" and "The Devils Reign' curated by the high priest of the Church of Satan Peter H. Gillmore.

    Romano has published several seminal catalogs on the works of Jel Ena, El Gato Chimney, Darcilio Lima (with text by Barbara Safarova), William Mortensen (with text by A.D. Coleman,) Colin Christian "Trypophobia", Rithika Merchant, Pavel Kraus (with text by David Ebony), and Lu Chan (with text by Robert Morgan). He has also produced a large format coffee table book on the works of renowned artist Charles Dellschau (1830 - 1923) which included the final published essay by the late Thomas McEvilley. Stephen Romano is the publisher of lexiconmag.com.

    An active and enthusiastic member of the international art community for the past 30 years, Romano has championed female artists, artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as esoteric and occult artists. He also includes outsider, marginalized, self taught artists, and artists whose visionary practices placed them outside of the mainstream art world.

    BLAM Mission Statement

    At the core, BLAM is an exhibition model focused on creating a synergy between artists in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. These bi coastal, multi-platform exhibition spaces in downtown Los Angeles and Bushwick are designed to showcase a wide range of artists and curators. The goal is to introduce the wealth of talent in both communities to a wider audience of art lovers, art writers, curators and collectors. The spaces also brings selected artists/curator from other states and countries to audiences in the two cities. Each coast differs slightly from one another, constantly adapting and adjusting based on what works best for each city.

    For each show at BLAM Brooklyn, we seek out a curator whose vision in which we trust and believe in. The individual shows can differ in personality and mood, however BLAM always aims to exhibit respectable artists that are distinctly recognizable and push boundaries. We lean towards intellectually and visually stimulating art, that a wide audience can identify with and be excited by.

    For further information or visuals, please contact:

    Nina Catalanotto
    Assistant Curator

    56 Bogart Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11206
    1(917)-421-0616 (U.S.)

  • 13th Hour Exhibition at Last Rites Gallery

    13th Hour Exhibition at Last Rites Gallery

    I will be exhibiting a piece in this years 13th Hour Exhibition along side over 50 other amazing artists on Oct 29th. Info@lastritesgallery.com to be placed on the VIP preview list.

    October 4th, 2016 (New York City) Last Rites Gallery is pleased to present our highly anticipated multi-artist exhibition The 13th Hour, on view at 325 W 38th Street from October 29th, 2016 – November 12th, 2016. Our ninth annual group exhibition brings together fifty-four globally renown artists in a celebration of contemporary surrealism.

    Through an array of mediums, viewers are invited to explore themes of human existence and the unknown as artists take their individual interpretations of the macabre and blur the line between dark beauty and the grotesque. Observers are guided along idiosyncratic realms formed by intricate sculptures, vibrant illustrations, and dynamic paintings. Reflecting back are nightmares once forgotten eliciting an examination of the human mind.

    Opening Reception will be October 29th, 2016, starting at 6pm.

    Artists exhibiting include:

    Rebecca Adams, Logan Aguilar, Stefano Alcantara, Johan Barrios, William Basso, Nick Baxter, Nyahzul Blanco, Adrian Cherry, Nanette Cherry, Paul Cristina, Bastien Lecouffe DeHarme, Damien Echols, Darwin Enriquez, Jose Luis Lopez Galvan, Jessica Gordon, Carl Grace, Joseph Grazi, Peter Gric, Fred Harper, Dan Henk, Kelley Hensing, Jeremy Hush, Stephanie Inagaki, Eric Lacombe, Darby Lahger, Jed Leiknes, Jesse Levitt, Eli Livingston, Elizabeth Lopez, Monique Mantell, Brian Mashburn, Caitlin McCormack, Heather McLean, Emil Melmoth, Menton 3, Harry Michalakeas, David Molesky, Yomico Moreno, Teneile Napoli, Nicomi Nix Turner, Leslie Ann O'Dell, Shane Pierce, David Richardson, Paul Romano, Ron Russo, David Stoupakis, Maria Teicher, Mia Tyler, Christina Tzani, Danny Van Ryswyk, Emilio Villalba, Jasmine Worth, Chet Zar, William Zdan

    Email info@lastritesgallery.com for information on works and our VIP preview list for this exhibition


  • Directed by Women

    Directed by Women

    Our first episode of FAKELORE will be screened as part of Directed by Women - Short & Fun in NYC

    Custom Made Theatre's custommade.org free reading series returns on Monday September 12th, with an evening of short films as part of the Directed by Women celebration directedbywomen.com Curated by long-time Custom Made artists Jennifer Dean and Eric Rice the2ndsexandthe7thart.com

    23 fantastic female filmmakers will show their work, ranging from 1 to 9 minutes, for an hour and a half of fun in short little bursts!

    Please join us at our favorite Upper East Side bar, the wonderful hosts at Ryans Daughter for drinks, viewing, and a Q&A with filmmakers in attendance.


    SMILE - Directed by Shahin Hekmatkhah

    A HAIRY TALE - Directed by Shivangi Mittal

    PAWENA STUDIO: HANDMADE CERAMIC ARTIST - Directed by Felicia Manning

    MASK - Directed by Katie Speare

    DEFAULT - Directed by E.M. Spairow

    WE'RE ALL GONNA BE FAMOUS - Directed by Marija Dokovic

    BERNINA SINGS - Directed by Harriet Lenneman

    FAUX SOLO - Directed by Nancy Lee

    QUALITY TIME - Directed by Polly Thomas

    THE FIRST SMILE AFTER - Directed by Zahra Jafari

    BRAINWASH - Directed by Hannah Gautrey

    THE SPIES (Trailer) - Created by Wesley Community Center and Aurora Picture Show 4th Graders Summer 2016

    THE FOLLOWER (Trailer) - Created by Wesley Community Center and Aurora Picture Show 4th Graders Summer 2016

    LIBERATION - Directed by Jinghan Zhang

    GOLDENT TUNA - MONTREAL SESSIONS - Directed by Jenny Cartwright

    MANSPREADING - Directed by Rachel Ara

    MIME WITHOUT MAKEUP - Directed by Elan Surina

    THE PERFECT WORLD - Directed by Hristina Belousova


    FAKELORE: EPISODE 1 PECOS BILL - Directed by Caroline Voagen Nelson, Nyahzul & Maria Paula Abadia

    ONE MORE KISS, DEAR - Directed by Jennifer Dean

    WHAT THE! - Directed by Kai-Ting Yang

    DREAM - Directed by Golnaz Moghaddam

  • Lost Dreams On Canvas

    Lost Dreams On Canvas

    It was a privilege and honor to do this portrait for Lost Dreams on Canvas of Jerome Salley. Time is ephemeral, be thankful to live and love another day <3

    Jerome Salley
    18 years old
    January 26, 1991 – November 17, 2009
    Jerome, nicknamed “Bodda,” was a miracle baby – he was only 2 lbs, 3 oz at birth. He was not supposed to arrive til March.
    He had a lot of friends – he was well liked. Jerome loved to make people laugh. He was very creative – he was a good photographer and also enjoyed being photographed as a model. He loved singing and dancing.
    He was a lady’s man –– he was charming, funny and good natured. More then anything, he loved his mom.
    Jerome was a peacemaker. If he could help anyone he would. If he could break up a fight he would. If he could help someone improve their life he would.
    He had recently graduated from Ben Franklin High School and attended his prom with his girlfriend. He was about to start a new job on November 18, but his life was cut short on November 17.
    That night he told his mom he would be right back. “I’m going to play some basketball.” He left the house as 3:30. His mom, Virginia, stood at the door and watched him walk away. He blew her a kiss and she blew him a kiss. After the game, as Jerome was leaving the recreation center gun fire broke out. Everyone scrambled, but Jerome was shot in the neck. By 7:45 that evening Virginia received a phone call from the Hospital telling her he had been shot. When she arrived doctors informed her that Jerome didn’t make it.
    “God gave him to me too soon and he left too soon” – said his mom. Jerome’s family and friends miss him and think of him everyday.


  • Honey & Venom Group Exhibition

    Honey & Venom Group Exhibition

    Hive Gallery Show: August 2016


    August 6th, 8-11PM @Hivegallery !!!
    Show runs: Aug.6th- 27th

    "Honey and Venom" curated by Meesha Goldberg and Nathan Cartwright
    * A portion of these proceeds will go to a bee sanctuary
    Katelan Foisy
    K Lenore Siner
    Lana Gentry
    Elizabeth Shupe
    Kaylee Holz
    Theodore Holdt
    Inge Vandormael
    Live Rainey-Smith
    Kamina Kapow
    M de Vana
    Denise Bledsoe
    Nyahzul Blanco
    Evgeniya Golik
    Ivonne Escoto
    Alex Quintero
    Mark Brunner
    Joon Alvarado
    William J. Dunn
    Amanda Sage
    Steven "Wireboss" Darden
    Nathan Cartwright
    Ricardo Ales
    Donna Zoell


  • Closing Chapters Solo Exhibition

    Closing Chapters Solo Exhibition

    Rabbithole is proud to present Closing Chapters by Nyahzul

    My dear friends, as many of you know Rabbithole will be closing its doors in August. For more then 4 years this magical place has been my second home and it's my pleasure to share my final exhibition at the gallery with you - Closing Chapters.

    This show is a celebration of past, present, and future.

    Special Screening by FAKELORE 9PM

    33 Washington St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201


  • Press on Aether

  • "AETHER" Solo Exhibit at Stephen Romano Gallery

    "AETHER" Solo Exhibit at Stephen Romano Gallery

    Excited and honored to announce my first solo exhibition "AETHER" at Stephen Romano Gallery Opening Reception May 5, 5-9pm. Hope to see all your lovely faces!!

  • Masks Of Courage: Defying True Identity

     Masks Of Courage: Defying True Identity



    GALLERY HOUSE IS PROUD TO PRESENT: "Masks of Courage: Defying True Identity" (Fine Art Group Exhibition - Brooklyn, New York)

    Original works will be raffled off and auctioned to benefit the Natalia Ponce de León Foundation, a Colombian organization that supports acid attack survivors and works towards the end of acid violence.

    Opening Receptions: Thursday April 28th & May 5th, 2016 and by appointment.

    “Masks of Courage: Defying True Identity” will take the viewers through a journey that separates the sense of self worth from external attributes of identity, to ultimately confront them to the reality acid attack victims experience.

    The show challenges the collection of attributes that defines how we see ourselves, and how others perceive us. Our face, body, language, relationships, what we wear, like and own, paints an image of who we are. But what happens when we take those things away? Who are we then? In that spirit, we are delighted to work with artists who inquire and/or answer the question: “Who am I?". Selected art works will be donated and all profits will go to the non-profit Natalia Ponce de León Foundation.

    When: Thursday April 28th and May 5th, 2016 from 7pm – 11pm

    Where: Gallery House, 272 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205

    About Gallery House

    Gallery House is a unique, private gallery space located in Brooklyn, New York, that is used to host fundraising, fine art exhibitions at absolutely no cost. The only parties that financially benefit from our exhibitions are the artists and charitable organizations involved.
    For more information, visit us at www.galleryhouse.org

    About the foundation (Natalia Ponce de León Foundation)

    Natalia Ponce de León Foundation defends, promotes and protects the human rights of victims of chemical attacks. Natalia Ponce, a 35 year old Colombian, had a liter of sulfuric acid thrown over her face and body, March 27, 2014. She suffered 3rd degrees burns on a quarter of her body. Less than two years later, she has founded this organization and successfully campaigned for the amendment of a law that prosecutes the attackers, protects the victims and regulates acid sale.
    For more information, visit www.fundacionnataliaponcedeleon.org

  • "Saint Bowie"

    "Saint Bowie"

    "Saint Bowie"

    March 2 2016 - March 29 2016
    Opening reception March 2, 5 - 9 pm, the artist will be present

    This exhibition opens concurrently with "Paul Booth: Selected Works" and "Matthew Dutton: Midnight Paracosm"
    Stephen Romano Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of reliquaries to David Bowie.



    BE A PART OF OUR "100 MEMORABLE SHOWS" PROJECT at RABBITHOLE To commemorate the past ten years, we want to host 100 memorable exhibitions this year. Check out our site www.rabbitholeprojects.com/ to see what we've done so far!
    We're offering an evening at Rabbithole to qualifying proposals ($100/evening) to help us cover our expenses. The artists keep 100% of their sales whether they are art sales or ticket sales. Fine Art, Film, Theatre, Performance & Music. Help us spread the word! Tell your friends and schedule your preferred date to get started. www.RABBITHOLE.SCHEDULISTA.COM

  • The Mystery of Flight- Hieroglyphica and American Visionary by decadentmanifesto

  • onefive3gallery feature of my work.

  • "Magica Sexualis" Group Exhibition at Stephen Romano Gallery

    "Magica Sexualis" Group Exhibition at Stephen Romano Gallery

    Opening Thursday. October, 29th at Stephen Romano Gallery the solo exhibition of Los Angeles artist Jel Ena. "Sanctum Infernum" along with "Magica Sexualis" Group Exhibition.
    Very excited to have my piece "Día Luna" among all these wonderful artists, 5-9 pm. Hope to see your faces!!

  • ROSTROS SONOROS by Antonia Zennaro

    ROSTROS SONOROS by Antonia Zennaro

    Live painting for this event.

  • "LEXICON INFERNALI" Group Exhibit

    Very excited to be part of this amazing group exhibit!



    Inaugural exhibition in the new Bushwick location featuring the works of gallery artists and invited guest artists:

    El Gato Chimney, Colin Christian, Jel Ena, A.W. Sommers, Barry William Hale, Lori Field, Loic Lucas, Alessia Iannetti, Cecilia Avendaño Bobillier, Caitlin Karolczak, Limor Gasko, Caitlin McCormack, Shawn Thornton, David Molesky, Cendrine Rovini. Stephanie Lucas, Steven Bradshaw, Elizabeth Shupe, Gigi Chen, Nyahzul Blanco, Kalyana Thiru, Bree Jonson, Ray Robinson, Samuel D Gliner, Eric Richardson, Andreas Cellarius, Darcilio Lima, A. Fiorello, Heiko Müller, Charles Dellschau, William Mortensen, Brittany Markert, Erna Kd, Matthew Dutton, Romney De Hooghe, Jen Jones, Ellen Stagg, Jacob Bohmer, Rob Bowen, Masea Shimoichi, Joel Lorand, Kim Bo Yung, Tine Kindermann.

    September 3 - October 15 2015

    Opening reception Thursday September 3 2015 6 - 9 pm

    in association with the opening reception of


  • FAKELORE IndieGogo Campaign

    Hey peeps! FAKELORE is happy to announce our first ever IndieGogo Campaign! If you don't already know I have been working on this stop motion animation series based on Fables and Legends of the Americas alongside Caroline Voagen Nelson and Palu Abadia. We need your support to keep FAKELORE going. Please check out the link below and all the awesome perks we have available for you. Every little bit counts, please share with your friends and help us spread the word. Much love


    Hola a todos! FAKELORE se complace en anunciar nuestra primera campaña IndieGoGo! Para los que no saben, he estado trabajando en esta serie de stop motion animation basada en fábulas y leyendas de las Américas junto a Caroline Voagen Nelson y Palu Abadia. Necesitamos su apoyo para continuar con el desarrollo de Fakelore. Por favor haz click en el link y mira todos los incentivos que tenemos disponibles. Toda donacion por mas minima que sea cuenta, incluyendo que compartan nuestro proyecto con sus amigos. Gracias por su ayuda


  • "In Missa Interfectionis, Verum"

    My piece The Empress Photomontage on Aluminum
    on view at Stephen Romano Gallery as part of the Group Exhibit
    "In Missa Interfectionis, Verum"
    The Dance of Death, Hexes, Voodoo, Curses and Witchcraft, re-envisioned.
    October 15 - April 28 2015

  • Interpreters Multimedia

    Artists Kalyana Thiru and Nyahzul created “Interpreters Multimedia” for the opening, which is an effort to celebrate the artist they admire by bringing multimedia artists together to make the opening more dynamic, the experience of being present at an opening becomes an art in itself. - See more at:

  • Abundantia Cornu Copiae

    I have my piece Queen of Hearts in this Group Exhibit at
    Stephen Romano Gallery
    December 4 - January 15 2015


    Time to kickoff the holidays new sale discount on my bigcartel shop with the code ARTTHANKS you will receive 20% off your entire purchase this means all paintings, drawings and prints. End date Dec. 1st 2014

  • New Limited Edition Prints

    Take me by Surprise 2012 and De amor y de sombra 2011

    Limited Edition Print of 8 each
    Print size:
    15 x 19.75 in 1 in white border
    38 x 50 cm 3 cm white border

    100% cotton canvas, museum quality. neutral PH without bleaching. Giclée digital printing 12 HDR inks and UV varnish ~ Unstretched canvas

    All Giclées are signed and numbered by the artist.
    For purchase please visit:

  • "Interpreters Multimedia: It is a Meaningful Life"

    Monday November 24, 2014

    6pm to 9pm


    Stephen Romano Gallery in collaboration with curators Kalyana Thiru and Nyahzul Art, is pleased to bring you "Interpreters Multimedia", a live dance performance, video, live vocal performance, conceptual Dj performance, and live make-up art interpretation of the gallery's current exhibitions.


    This first installment is part of a series called "Interpreters Multimedia: It is a Meaningful Life". Here, the exploration of the "grotesque" by William Mortensen, the ritualistic withcraft practices captured in Rik Garrett's Earth Magic, the personal recounting and symbolism photographed by Lu Zhang, and the voodoo artefacts, spellbooks, ghostly explorations, and aesthetics of the macarbre and illusion of In Missa Interfectionis are perceived as the artist/practioner's attempt at finding meaning. The performers are connected to art in which their respective process into the darker elements of the self, psyche, aesthetic and esoteric are explored and expressed. Each performer shows a slight awareness and sensitivity to their surrounding art and fellow performer. The viewer is invited to experience a "feeling" of perhaps synesthesia of overall mood, as well as its detail.


    Zak Moon will play the darker side of his soulful minimal techno, deep house selections to introduce you to this evening's mood.
    soundcloud.com/z-moon and www.residentadvisor.net/dj/zakmoon-us

    Video by Steven Trumon Gray of Andrea Murillo’s dance performance "Remedios".

    Modern Dancer Andrea Murillo will present a live solo dance performance of "Remedios".

    Singer/producer Andru Pramuk will give a haunting performance under his alias, "Andrak".

    Kalyana Thiru will be creating the "cartoon self" over the "real self" of participants and volunteers as a performance piece to relate to her "Patternbraker #0001" piece in the In Missa Interfectionis group show. The purpose is to illustrate the juxtaposition of both extremes of "abstract reality" and "reality" in order to uncover its "third reality", its "meaning". Participating cartooned artists will be Zak Moon, Kalyana Thiru, Nyahzul, Eman Nadar. Jewelry and costuming by Donghee Ruda Lee www.playthetrack9.com/

    *Complimentary wine will be served

    On view in the gallery's current exhibition:

    Solo Show:
    Solo Show:
    Solo Show:
    Group Show:
    "IN MISSA INTERFECTIONIS" The Dance of Death, Hexes, Voodoo, Curses and Witchcraft. Featuring the works of Colin Christian, Judy Chappus, El Gato Chimney, Darcilio Lima, Soey Milk, Dan Barry, Jumaadi, Jel Ena, Caitlin McCormack, Eric Richardson, Matthew Dutton, Pulu Zhao, Miki Saito, Lu Ke, Caitlin Karolczak, Sarah Jacobs, Phillip Grant, Rithika Merchant, Aunia Kahn, Kim Bo Yung, Gromyko Semper, Romney De Hooghe, Ted Victoria, Ellen Stagg, Found&Lost, Tine Kindermann, Amber Groome, Kalyana Thiru, Charles Dellschau, Jennifer Lin, Erna Kd, Lori Field, Amy Friend, Jana Brike, Damian Michaels, Charles Lindsay, So Youn Lee, Peca, vernacular and spirit photography.

    About the Video Artist
    Steven Trumon Gray, originally from Iowa City, obtained a BFA in Dance and a BA in Vocal Performance from the University of Iowa in 2012. In NYC, he has had the opportunity to perform with David Dorfman Dance, Jane Comfort and Company, White Wave Dance Company, Most Happy Fella for City Center's ENCORES as well as Queen of the Night. Steven is currently dancing full time with Company XIV in Nutcracker Rouge and doing photography work.

    "Remedios" is a solo choreographed by dancer Andrea Murillo last summer when she was commissioned by Peter London whose dance company is based in Miami, FL. When the solo was accepted for First Look @ The Green Building, she decided to create the short with Steven Trumon Gray. This is a full collaboration between both dancer and video artist.

    About the Dancer
    Andrea Murillo is a performing artist and producer from Miami, FL. After graduating from New World School of the Arts College, she began touring with the Martha Graham Dance Company. During her time there, Andrea performed solo roles such as “Lamentation,” “Serenata Morisca” and lead roles in “Embattled Garden,” “Steps in the Street,” and “Snow in the Mesa.” In 2012, she transitioned to Sleep No More NYC. Andrea is a founding member of Crux and has recently toured with Rosie Hererra Dance Theatre. Currently, Andrea is in the creative process of writing, directing, and producing dance on film. For more information please visitwww.AndreaMurillo.Info
    The title of the piece is "Remedios"

    About the Vocalist
    Andru Pramuk
    “Andrak is not just my solo project, it's a space for my subconscious to emerge. Andrak is storytelling through song. Andrak is a universal, androgynous character; he exists in nighttime, in dreams, in memories. He is a sort of contemporary cabaret, a modernist dealing with song in a digital landscape.”

    About the Videographer
    Eman Akram Nader

    Photography by: Alex Cimbal

    About the Dj
    Born in Paris in the early 90s, young music selector Zak Moon has just recently relocated to his second birthright home of New York City. Falling in love with electronic rhythms at an early age meant his ascension as a DJ and producer, shortly after arriving on the other side of the Atlantic he was thrust into a buzzing scene full of opportunities and quickly became a very well regarded artist playing inside clubs such as Output, Sankeys and for the renowned Blkmarket Membership event group amongst many others. His precise touch and carefully chosen blend of House, Techno, Minimal and Ambient music is sure to convey an inspiring journey of emotion.

    About the curators

    Nyahzul is an oil painter born in Bogotá, Colombia and based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a self-taught artist with a background of 10 years in Graphic Design. She has been actively painting and exhibiting for over a decade in cities such as Los Angeles, Orlando, Detroit, New York City, Las Vegas and Bogota (Colombia). Her style of figurative painting uses rich oil paint with undertones of collage to create moods of Bittersweet Romanticism.

    For the past 6 years, Nyahzul has also been curating exhibitions in Orlando and Brooklyn NY. Currently she is the Associate Director of Rabbithole Gallery in Brooklyn. She has a lush colorful oil painting style. Her paintings evoke surrealist and romantic narratives along with forgotten magic. They are as purposely imperfect as life is complex.

    Kalyana Thiru started the "Patternbraker" project in 2007 purely as a personal daily written record of her uncovering philosophy from lucid dreaming. In 2013, she began to make mandalas out of raw photographs to project optimism on dismal circumstances. She was adament to make these mandalas without retouching to preserve its raw identity. What she found was that the imagined, abstract reality she created also maintained the raw identity of the original image, thus triggering the analytical centers of the mind to uncover its "meaning". "Patternbreaker" is about polarity of extremes and their necessity in experience in order to trigger is full meaning and definition. The project furthers into an imaginary "Pattern" Movement as a personal express of her dissatisfaction with the Modernist's assertion of "a meaningless life".

    About Stephen Romano Gallery

    Stephen Romano has been a participant in many art fairs including PULSE, Art Now, The Outisder Art Fair and The Metro Show.

    In 2013, Stephen Romano produced a seminal 330-page monograph on Texas visionary artist Charles Dellschau designed by Marquand Books and distributed by DAP. The book generated several positive reviews from a wide variety of publications such as Bookforum, Raw Vision Magazine, The Atlantic, Slate, Antiques and the arts and Design Observer among many others. With an introduction by Stephen Romano, the book features the final published essay by renowned art writer Thomas McEvilley, as well as contributions from the founder of The Museum of Everything James Brett, and the curator of Smithsonian Museum of Aerospace, Thomas Croutch. In the same year, Romano also published the first ever post-mortem retrospective catalog of works by Darcilio Lima and most recently a catalogue of a previously unknown photographic series from 1925 by William Mortensen"A Pictorial Compendium of Witchcraft," with an introduction by A.D. Coleman. Most recently, Stephen Romano Gallery had the honor of publishing a catalog of works by artist Pavel Kraus with an essay by David Ebony as well as a catalog of new works by Chinese artist Lu Zhang with an essay by Robert C. Morgan.

  • FAKELORE: Fables and Legends of the Americas

    Rabbithole is proud to present:
    FAKELORE: Fables and Legends of the Americas

    Opening Reception:
    Thursday, Nov. 6th

    FAKELORE: Fables and Legends of the Americas is a stop motion animation anthology narrating folktales from North and South American countries. This exhibition includes projection screenings of the first three episodes: United States's Pecos Bill, Colombia's Madremonte, and Canada's La Chasse-galerie, and installation of costumes, photographs, and props built for each.

    The project retells our ancestorsʼ stories through a combination of traditional stop motion animation, digital techniques, and large scale sets. Each story is photographed from an overhead perspective, with the camera being rigged high above and the ground being the background stage, with real actors and props built to scale. Each story is filmed with a style unique to its country; from the sepia-­toned Wild West, to a lush vibrant Colombian forest, and a wintery Canadian canoe floating in the sky.

    The term "Fakelore" was coined by folklorist Richard Dorson, for larger audiences. His term references the further removal and fabrication of an oral folktale to appease the masses. These tall tales, while not based on real people, say a lot about natives' cultures and values. The series spins this definition through reinterpreting these tales to re-­engage a digital audience.

    FAKELORE is created, directed and produced by Caroline Voagen Nelson, Nyahzul, and Maria Paula Abadia

    The series has been in development since 2012 and so far a recipient of the Brooklyn Arts Council 2014 grant and "Editor's Choice Award" at this year's Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science. FAKELORE is also creating workshops to teach children folk tales through stop -motion and the raspberry pi technology.


    Pecos Bill Chapter 1

    Pecos Bill Chapter 2


  • Greenpoint Gallery Show


    I will have an open studio during the Dumbo Arts Festival
    at Rabbithole
    33 Washington St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201


  • Tacita de Te Group Exhibit

    cra 24 # 73 - 09
    08014 Bogotá, Colombia

  • Who Are You?

  • New York Optimist Featured Artist

  • BAC 2014 Arts Grants Award

    FAKELORE: Fables and Legend of the Americas
    Stop Motion animation project with artists Caroline Voagen Nelson and Palu Abadia

  • MUJERES Expo Artistas Camilo Pinto y Nyahzul

    Galeria Arte Sabine
    89-567, 031 Bogotá, Colombia
    Mayo 15, 2014

  • Kill The Robot Interview

  • 2nd annual Broads for a Cause benefit for the ASPCA.

    Friday, November 8th, will be group art opening and silent auction from 7pm to 11pm. Artwork from the show will be for sale by silent auction and will close at 10pm on Friday. The art will be on exhibit and we will continue to accept bids on any unsold items until December 5th. Representatives from ASPCA will have a table with information and giveaways and they will also be accepting charitable donations. Friday’s event will be sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Harpoon Brewery, Lael Cakes and Pie Corps. Please join us from 11pm-close for the after party hosted by Passenger Bar. As always, they will be offering drink specials with the show flyer.

    Our impressive roster of amazing women artists for Friday’s silent auction includes: Addie Juell, Anya Gladun, Amanda Grace Leadman, Annie Lloyd, Becca Genne Bacon, Betty Rose, Camila Rocha, Christina Hock, Cristina Garcia, Debra Yarian, Drew Linden, Ellen Murphy, Elvia Gezlev, Emma Griffiths, Erica Flannes, Heather Bailey, Hillary Fisher White, Holly Sullivan, Jessica Pooka Suarez, Joy Rumore, Karen Rockower Glass, Kati Vaughn, Katie Sellergren, Kirsten Wagner, Linda Wulkan, Lisa Sanditz, Magie Serpica, Megan Liu-Ramirez, Meg Wachter, Michelle Gonzalez, Mina Aoki, Nicoz Balboa, Nyahzul, Samantha Smith, Sarah Rockower, Sharon Goldberg, Sophie C'est la Vie, Stacy Martin, Stephanie Tamez, Taler Nicols, Tasha Rubinow, Tron, Viola Von Hell, Wendy Ramirez, Zoe Bean, Tara McPherson and many more.

    Both events celebrate talented female artists, tattooers and supporters of women in the arts while raising money for a cause that women and men alike can stand behind. Broads for a Cause are Karen Glass, Zoe Bean and Sophie C’est La Vie, three tattooers, bringing female artists together to raise awareness and funds for important organizations.

  • Local Project presents Curate NYC 2013

    Local Project presents Curate NYC 2013

    November 1- November 15
    Open Thursday - Saturday 12pm-6pm
    and by appointment at
    Opening Reception at Local Project
    Friday, November 1, 7-9pm

    We cordially invite you for a sneak pick view of our new home and the opening reception of Curate NYC a month-long citywide festival of art exhibitions, and a permanent online showcase of New York City artists. This Friday November 1 at 7pm. The program builds exposure and career opportunities for local artists and markets New York City’s image as a cultural hub we are exited to be part of this and to host such a variety of artist.
    From 1,900 entries we've selected 22 to participate,
    Alaric S. Campbell, Asuka Goto, Berkeley Kelle, Carlos Aguasaco, Carole P. Kunstadt, Gregory Michael Carter, Joseph J. Laurro, Julio Jose Austria, June Kosloff, Ken Carew, Keri Oldham, Kuo-Heng Huang, Madeleine Hope Arthurs, Michelle Kaufman, Nyahzul Art, Rachel Cohen, Raphaela Riepl, Sean Yoro, Steven Baines, Syd Glasser, William Marcellus, YK A Big Project



    Rabbithole is proud to present FUTURE FORMER SELF

    Music by CHAPPO and Monogold
    Art by Elena Stonaker and Benjamin Clarke

    Curated by: Caitlin McGarry and Nyahzul


    This exhibit was curated by me. It will be showing until April 26th at Rabbithole Gallery at 33 Washington St ~ Brooklyn, New York 11201



    I will have a piece in this silent auction at Rabbithole in Dumbo~Brooklyn~NY
    March 9th 7-10PM for more info click the link below.


  • Black Out New York

    I will be part of this group show in Brooklyn, NY opening Dec 8th. 2012
    at The Loom Gallery




    I will be part of this art show at The LOOM Gallery in Brooklyn 11.3 it will be an awesome mix of art, music, film, fashion and performance.

    Sebastian Pardinas, Eladio Victoria, Matthew Brennan, Al Johnson, Nyahzul Art, David Diaz de Leon, Julia Colavita, Yda Dominguez

    Caroline Voagen Nelson

    Ella Brand
    Francisco Diaz Nice Driving Films Brooklyn

    Fashion Show:
    Katiuska Fernandez JUNSUI

    Raquel Mavecq

    Lemar Soulflower
    Joseph Valentin Republic Music
    Tete De La Course House Cafe

    Graphic Design:
    Audrey Victoria Gonzalez

    Host By Carmen Art



    On Nov 9th, Eight of Swords will have a silent auction for Planned Parenthood. A lot of wonderful artist have donated their work in support of this great organization, come out and get some.

    for more info visit the link below


    I will be participating in this awesome event every weekend of September at Governors Island.


  • Hitman & Harlots

    Eight of Swords Tattoo invites you to our one year anniversary party! The event will be held on Friday, August 10th from 7pm to 11pm. Food, drink and music. Artwork from the show will be on exhibit until October 11th.

    Enjoy an evening of thrilling live performances hosted by Brooklyn sensation CornMo. Witness the dazzling talents of Hula Hoop Harlot Melissa-Anne, Sword-swallowing and fire-eating by the fabulous Lady Aye and be sure not to miss the choreographed magic of The Love Show. Our group art show entitled “Hitmen and Harlots” will feature work from over 35 tattoo artists, photographers, graphic artists and fine artists including: Ashley Love, Diana Brozek, Diana More, Jess Versus, Karen Rockower Glass, Kati Vaughn, Linda Wulkan, Mike Suarez, Mikee Kwasnik, Nalla Smith, Nyahzul, Sweety, Tasha Rubinow, Woodz, Wyatt Mills, Zoe Bean, Nash Hogan, Mia Graffam, Adam Korothy, D.C.Wallin, Dan Bones, Drew Linden, Fred Harper, Gerald Feliciano, Guy Ursitti, Jim Gentry, Joey Wilson, Liz Huston, Molly Crabapple, Sara Antoinette Martin, Sara Best, Sarah Rockower, Sophie C’est la Vie, Takashi, Tron and others.



  • America Shares Culture

    Host Carmen Art July 13 July 19 Five Myles Gallery Brooklyn, NY
    has assembled a multimedia event of the shared cultures of the Americas, with music, poetry, painting , sculpture and audio visuals. Details to be announced later.
    Artist: Sebastian Pardinas(Argentina), Nyahzul Art (Colombia), Matthew Brennan (E.E.U.U.), Eladio Victoria (Dominican Republic), Raquel Echanique (Ecuador)
    Music By Lemar Soulflower
    Band: Darling Del Oeste, By Niklas Möller
    America Shares Culture



    Rabbithole Gallery is pleased to present, Inner Distance Salon Show: Paint
    with twelve artists from Brooklyn New York, Bogota, Colombia and Orlando, Florida.
    Mira Alibek, Phil Buchanan, Elisa Dallas, Angelo Franco, Cristina Garcia, Camilo Hernandez, Raymond Klecker, Paola Nunez, Camilo Pinto, Johannah O'Donnell, Pam Treadwell and Catalina Toro

    In our day and age of constant, continuous, and instantaneous connectivity via our technological communications we think we are closer to one another yet in reality, we are much further apart. We share, we like, we tweet, and we comment but how often do we debate at length on literature, wax exhaustively regarding brushstroke techniques, or lose our minds in a lengthy impromptu musical solo performance? We connect but its as fleeting as a rock skipping across the smooth surface of a silent river. We are so very far away from the intimate and intense days of salon show when peers, colleagues, and friends exposed their art and their ideas to a group of individuals collected for the singular connection of fostering, critiquing, and protecting the cultural production of the day. In the spirit of returning to the intention of historical salons and academies and returning to a more natural state of discourse and hopefully a more natural state of ourselves.

    Opening reception: Thursday June 7th, 7pm-10pm
    showing through June 30th 2012

    Curated by: Nyahzul

  • Seeking Whales, Snails & Puppy Dog Entrails. Solo show in Brookly, NY May 2012


  • Governor’s Island Art Fair

    I will be participating in this years Governor’s Island Art Fair, New York, NY exhibit will open on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 11:00 am. The show will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through September 25. *))

    For more information: www.4heads.org/

  • Rabbit Collective Art show at Rabbithole Studio

    Group Show.
    August 4th-August 12th 2011

    BROOKLYN, NY 11201

  • I didn't win the top prize but made it into the top 100 *)))

  • ARTIST WANTED SEE. ME competition

  • entered this last min but if you can vote please



    Watch here as I talk about my art *)) I sound like a total nervous dork too hehe


    A short phone interview with me for the JB WEBB show

  • In-Progress Magazine

    A small review of The Mechanized Underground Show In-Progress Magazine

  • Call To Arms! A Beauty through Bio-Mechanical Disversity project

  • Mother Falcon Strikes Back: 30 Years. 30 Artists. One Night

  • Mechanized Underground

    “Mechanized Underground” debuts at Creative Spirit Gallery
    August 13th, 2010 – Creative Spirit Art Gallery and the Harwood Watson Dance Studio will host an opening reception for “Mechanized Underground,” an exhibition featuring work by Tobar, Nyahzul, and Brian Adams, at 820A Lake Baldwin Lane in Baldwin Park, Florida. The reception will begin at 6pm and end at 9pm and is free.


  • SOLO ART SHOW @ POM POMS July 5th through August 1st

    Caught in a Whisper
    Opening July 11th


  • *Pretty Handsome Awkward Art show*

    Artist group show
    Opening May 28th 2010 6-9pm @ Little Fish Huge Pond in Sanford, FL
    with Artists Nyahzul, PJ Buchanan, Louise Bova, Patrick Robles, Kayla Prommersberger, Hannah Miller & Justin M. Lynn.
    the show will be up for a month.


    I am part of this exhibit
    1054 MAIN STREET

  • Feminati

  • Social Chameleon show Dec 2009

  • interview with Katie Ball for Artbeat

  • Mother Falcon Oct 2009